Monday, October 26, 2009

Announcing Gallio and MbUnit v3.1 Update 1

Today we are releasing Gallio and MbUnit v3.1 Update 1.  This is mainly a bug fix release with a few new little goodies.

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Documentation here:

Earlier release notes: v3.1, all versions

Reminder: The Visual Studio Test Tools integration requires Visual Studio 2008 SP1 or Visual Studio 2010 to work.  If you still don't see tests in the Test View then ensure that your project has the necessary ProjectTypeGuids and that the Gallio add-in is enabled in the Visual Studio Add-In Manager.


  • [New!] Added samples for web testing with WatiN.  In particular demonstrates the creation of a custom [Browser] attribute to support running tests with multiple browsers.
  • [New!] Added samples for GUI testing with White.
  • Improved basic MbUnit samples a little to make them easier to understand.
  • [New!] Added a Sources.txt file to the installation to help users find out where to check out the original source code for the release.
  • Fixed a bug with Hint Directories being ignored by the test runners.
  • Upgraded MVC templates for ASP.Net MVC 2.
  • Fixed bug with transitive dependencies not being considered by [DependsOn] attribute when deciding whether to skip a test.
  • Improved the error message displayed when attempting to use a [StaticTestFactory] in ReSharper which is not supported due to technical limitations.
  • Fixed bug with use of [Factory] attribute on a fixture type or property when the type was not explicitly specified.
  • Improved error reporting and workarounds for cases where the assertions or test context are being used incorrectly to help a test author diagnose the problem.
  • [New!] Added support for using the Delete key to delete items from the Project Explorer.
  • [New!] Pending and Ignored tests are now unchecked by default.
  • Added filtering to the test report view to only include reports that match the current report name format.
  • Fixed some threading issues.
  • Fixed some test filter issues.
  • Fixed test counts.
  • Fixed window positioning issues.
  • Fixed display of test categories.
  • [New!] Added support for viewing embedded text, html and video attachments in Icarus and Visual Studio.
  • Fixed rendering of embedded plain text attachments to preserve formatting.
  • Fixed UTF-8 character encoding issue with html reports.
  • Fixed attachment links and code navigation links in reports on 64-bit platforms and in Internet Explorer Protected Mode.
xUnit.Net Adapter:
  • Upgraded to v1.5 RTM.
AutoCAD Integration:
  • Improved detection of AutoCAD window.
ReSharper Integration:
  • Added support for certain reflection operations which were needed by NUnit to support derived test fixtures in ReSharper.
  • Fixed a bug that caused duplicate NUnit tests to appear in ReSharper.
NAnt Integration:
  • Changed how the severity of certain test results are reported so that NAnt does not incorrectly consider a test run to have encountered a non-fatal error when in fact a warning should have been logged.
TeamCity Integration:
  • Fixed a bug in the test event processing that indirectly caused TeamCity test result reporting to stall when an empty test assembly was encountered.
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