Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gallio Next Steps

With Gallio v3.1 released, I have begun planning for what's ahead.

My first priority is to fix most of the issues that have been reported and to release a minor update to Gallio v3.1 in a week or two.

After that, the hard work begins.

Testing as a Service

As it stands, the Gallio platform mainly consists of one core library and a whole bunch of plug-ins.  The majority of the code is written in C# and runs on .Net Framework 2.0.

I want to go further.

The main goal of Gallio v3.2 will be to adapt the Gallio platform to operate as a collection of services that communicate via a message bus.  We will publish a specification of the messaging protocol so that other tools -- not necessarily written in .Net -- will be able to exchange messages with Gallio tools and participate in test execution, monitoring and reporting.

Why not pool our talents to develop great testing tools that work together across platform boundaries?

Gallio v3.2 and Beyond

Here's what you can expect from upcoming releases.

  1. Open messaging protocol.
  2. Test data warehouse.
  3. Web-based test reporting tool and test case manager.  (Archimedes)
  4. Test rigs for remote test execution.
  5. Data collection API for monitoring performance, gathering metrics and computing statistics.
  6. Improved IDE integration.
  7. Improved cross-platform support.
  8. More openness about the development process in general.
  9. Performance optimization, particularly of UI responsiveness and program start time.

How to Participate

I want to work with other members of the community to grow a practical lingua franca for test data interchange.  While at first we will be discussing how to design a suitable messaging protocol for Gallio, I hope that it will eventually evolve into an independent open standard that anyone can implement.


Please join us on the gallio-dev mailing list and tell us what you think!  :-)

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