Thursday, July 30, 2009

Toward New Horizons

The short story is that I am now between jobs.

The long story is that I have left Ingenio / / AT&T Interactive and will be joining Google in late September.  Yes that's the same Google I turned down last year; my priorities and perspective have changed.

I am looking forward to living in Mountain View biking distance from work and walking distance to yuppie downtown amenities.  I also look forward to joining any number of Google's social and volunteer organizations.  I have pretty much decided that, as soon as I figure out how, I will find a way to teach the fine art (and joy) of programming and computer science to children, adult students and peers.

Now I have two months break!  Feels a bit like summer vacation.  Nothing planned but possibilities and opportunities abound everywhere.  I'll probably sing, play music, learn pastels and paint, work on Open Source, take a dip in a warm ocean someplace, and relax.

My last day at my old job was Friday the 24th so I am still getting over the early morning nagging sensation that I have to be someplace.  I'm sure that my coming week at Lark Camp in Mendocino will fix that.  :-)


Borek Bernard said...

Congrats Jeff! Will you still be doing .NET or are you moving to another language/platform?

Chris Holmes said...

Totally awesome Jeff! Happy for you man. Hope it all goes well at the big Google! Have fun; blog more!

Dan said...

Another chapter in your life beckons then. Congrats on the new job. I hope it works out well for you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation!!! What do you plan to do at Google?

Unknown said...

Jeff, is it OK if I tell other folks about you joining Google? ;)


I don't know what came out from me on that day and it turned out to be true for you.

Best Wishes!!

Unknown said...

Jeff, change your profile on the blog :)