Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gallio on Visual Studio 2010, Redux

After the Microsoft PDC of 2008, I released a variant of Gallio v3.0.5 with support for the Visual Studio 2010 pre-release bits.

So today I have been working on getting Gallio v3.0.7 running on Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1.

The migration has been pretty easy for the most part.  With the PDC bits, I had a hard time producing a build because I had to install all sorts of tools inside the PDC VM and deal with rather unstable bits.  With the Beta 1 release, the process is much smoother since I can just install the framework on the build server.  Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 is working ok although I have filed a couple of bugs already.

Unfortunately since not all contributors to Gallio will be running VS 2010 anytime soon I will have to maintain a parallel set of project files and solutions.  I guess I will be maintaining *.vs2008.csproj and *.vs2010.csproj files side-by-side for a little while.   I wish Microsoft would invest some effort in providing a smooth backward-compatible upgrade path for projects to enable developers on newer tools to work with projects created using older tools without having to actually migrate them over.  (This is my 3rd Visual Studio upgrade and I'm getting really tired of this story.)


The first pre-release installer should be available later this week.

Looks promising so far...


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Will said...

Is there some particular reason why you have to have separate CSPROJ files? This wasn't needed when working between 2005 and 2008 (you needed a different SLN, but not CSPROJ).

I was rather hoping this would have applied to 2008/2010 too.

Jeff Brown said...

Unfortunately this time the changes to project files made by VS 2010 break backwards compatibility.

During the VS 2005 -> VS 2008 migration it wasn't so bad because VS 2008 added ToolsVersion="3.5" and VS 2005 didn't care because there was no such attribute before.

Unfortunately during VS 2008 -> VS 2010 migration VS 2010 will change the projects to ToolsVersions="4.0" which VS 2008 doesn't like.

Will said...

@Jeff - thanks for this info. More bad news about b1!

This is a real mis-step, because the multiple .slns were only a minor pain, whereas multiple projects is a huge hassle.

It's funny that this was plugged as a useful feature of 2008 but has been dropped from 2010.

Ray said...

Is there a new version of the VS2010 CTP build? The original link is dead.


Jeff Brown said...

How about a build for Beta 1? I just need to fix a couple of installer issues.