Friday, January 30, 2009

Gallio Update

Work on Gallio v3.0.6 is progressing along after a brief holiday hiatus.  Yes, I actually put the computers away for a couple of weeks to spend some quality time with friends, family and books (not to mention on other projects at work).

The plan is to ship v3.0.6 within the next couple of weeks.

Current primary objectives are:

  • Performance: improve start-up time, ReSharper integration, Visual Studio integration.
  • Extensibility: new plug-in model.
  • New features: XmlData, parallel tests, new contract verifiers, mixins (may be deferred).
  • UI affordances: simplify debugging, improve documentation.

And here's roughly where we're at:

  • Added [Parallelizable] attribute to run tests in parallel.
  • Added [XmlData] attribute to specify Xml data sources.
  • Global test execution timeout setting in Echo, MSBuild, NAnt and PowerShell.
  • Significant improvements to Contract Verifier syntax and functionality.
  • New developer content in the book.
  • Upgraded to Pex v0.9 Academic License.
  • Preliminary support for ReSharper 4.5 EAP.
  • Links to test source location from report.
  • Icarus can start tests with the debugger.
  • Icarus contains link to online documentation.
  • Started work to support MSTest 2005.
  • Added a report XSD file to assist contributors who wish to build report processors.
  • Started optimizing the reflection wrappers.  Should improve ReSharper plugin performance slightly.
  • Added generic versions of Assert.Is[Not]AssignableFrom and Assert.Is[Not]InstanceOfType.
  • Started working on new plugin model.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed MbUnit v2 adapter test outcome reporting and tear down glitches.
  • Fixed VB.Net project templates.
  • Fixed missing sample files.
  • Fixed XML encoding issues with actual / expected outcomes that caused whitespace differences to be hidden.
  • Fixed use of [Factory] data source with open generic types.
  • Fixed missing CCNet add-in documentation in the installer.
  • Fixed regression downloading report attachments in CCNet.
  • Fixed issue with Icarus go to source command invoked on non-UI thread.
  • Fixed inconsistent failure message for Assert.EndsWith.
  • No more spurious COMExceptions during startup when reading symbols from PDB files.

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Unknown said...

Any more news on the release of 3.0.6? I'm looking forward to the VS Integration.