Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gallio and ReSharper 4.0

A few people have asked when Gallio will support the final release of ReSharper 4.0.

Unfortunately there were some last-minute breaking changes between ReSharper 4.0 Beta and the Final release.  So the ReSharper plugin in Gallio Alpha 3 Update 2 will not work anymore.

No matter... we plan to release another update of Gallio later this week.

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Unknown said...

Are there any plans to support TeamCity? Jeff, you left a comment on TeamCity unofficial blog on that. I tried to write email to you with no luck.

Jeff Brown said...

Yup. It's on my list of things to do.

TeamCity will run Gallio tests just fine. So the only issue is generating the specially formatted messages it uses for progress monitoring and reporting.

That said, TeamCity's test reports are pretty primitive. For a better end-user experience we'll have to provide deeper integration somehow.

Sorry about the emails. Things have been a bit nuts the last couple of weeks.

Unknown said...

What you mean in deeper integration?

Feel free asking any question on the integration.