Friday, May 2, 2008

A Good Test Finds Bugs

This evening I found myself thinking about what my favourite test in Gallio must be.

It could be the formatter tests that are simple and to the point and leverage many of the good traits of the MbUnit Row-test, including generic method parameters.

It could be the MbUnit integration tests that self-host Gallio within itself to run tests and carefully analyze their output.


My favourite Gallio test is the abstract reflection policy exhaustive test suite!  It's not pure.  It's not pretty.  It's not tightly focused.  It's not short.  It's not precise.  It's not self contained  (it uses native .Net reflection as an oracle).  But boy does it find bugs!  All sorts of obscure deviations from expected behaviour in each of the 4 current reflection policy implementations.

It's an awful test but it does what a test should do: it finds bugs...

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1 comment:

Yann Trevin said...

Hello Jeff. Could you please explain what is an abstract reflection policy exhaustive test suite ?