Saturday, April 5, 2008

Gallio Report Navigation

Today I made a few usability improvements to the Gallio Test Report.  The most noticeable of these is the addition of a navigation bar.  (

The navigation bar shows you an overview of the contents of the test report.  More specifically, it contains stripes that represent failing, inconclusive or skipped tests.  So if you have a lot of tests, you can quickly zip down to the ones you care about.

This feature was modeled after the ReSharper text editor error stripes in Visual Studio.


If we click on the stripe that represents the failed test, we are taken to it.  It is automatically expanded if needed along with any of its ancestors in the report.


Expect more stuff like this to come.

Note: Gallio Alpha 3 will be released this weekend with this feature, some bug fixes and much more.  I was previously going to call it an Alpha 2 Update but that got too confusing.  Release early, release often, right?

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