Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gallio integration with Visual Studio Team System

One of the questions I've often received about Gallio has been about whether it would integrate with MSTest and Visual Studio Team System.

Gallio running MSTest tests in Icarus

Julian did the work of writing a Gallio adapter plugin for MSTest tests.  Gallio explores MSTest tests using reflection and runs them by shelling out to MSTest.exe and parsing the test result XML file.

Here's a screenshot of the Gallio Icarus GUI running some MSTest tests.

An MSTest test running in Icarus courtesy of Gallio

Gallio running MSTest tests in ReSharper

Of course, you can use any Gallio test runner to run MSTest tests.  That means you automatically get ReSharper integration too!  (And in all of the other runners too.)

An MSTest test running in ReSharper courtesy of Gallio


MSTest running Gallio tests in Visual Studio

Another common request has been to provide integration so that Visual Studio Team Test can run Gallio tests in the IDE and using the MSTest.exe command-line.

This particular request was echoed to me a couple of times at ALT.Net from people who, for good or ill, have been instructed by management to use the Team System test runner instead of TestDriven.Net or ReSharper.  So I decided to give it a shot.

Gallio Alpha 3 now includes an experimental package for Visual Studio to do just that.  (It also works on the command-line).

An MbUnit test running inside of Visual Studio Team System

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Tomdekoning said...

Is it possible to use integration with Resharpen 4.0?

I've tried the plugin, but couldn't get it to work with 775; if it works, which version of r# does it work with?

Jeff Brown said...

It only works with ReSharper 3.1 currently.

Support for 4.0 is forthcoming.

Colin Jack said...

Very interesting stuff, we are one of the teams using Team System test runner so this looks very useful.

Anonymous said...

Does the Team System test runner correctly expand and show results for MbUnit [TestSuite] tests?

Unknown said...

I am running VS 2008. I have many Unit Tests projects, that I would like to run with Gallio Icarus. Do I need to be running VS Team Test? Or, is there a new plug-in or assembly that I need to install to get my existing unit tests to run? ALso, I would like to run ordered tests that were created with VS 2008 Unit test. Is there way to do this with Icarus?

Unknown said...

I am working with Visual Studio 2008, MSTest. When I try to run my test application, I get a exception in Icarus: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

Does anyone know why this happens?