Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fun with ReSharper Highlighters

Gallio has an annotation mechanism for associating errors, warnings and informational messages with code elements that make up tests.  It is primarily used to tell the user when a test is malformed.

Naturally, the best way to present these annotations to the user is through integration with the IDE.  Here is a screenshot of the Gallio plugin for ReSharper doing just that.

Above we see an error because a single method can't have both the [Test] and [SetUp] attributes applied to it at the same time.  (Admittedly the error message here is a bit vague right now.)

What's cool is that we can inform the user about problems before the tests are even compiled!

Note: This feature will be in the upcoming Alpha 2 Update release soon along with a bunch of other improvements and bug fixes.

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