Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Great recruiting ideas

With Gallio Alpha 2 released, I'm about to jump into ultra-recruiting mode at Ingenio.  I've got two spots to fill, one for a QA Automation Engineer and one for a Platform Tools Engineer.  More on that in another post later.  (Interested in working with me on MbUnit and other fun stuff?  Let me know!)

Meanwhile I just came home from a lovely day trip to Sausalito with my lovely wife to find two things:

  • 1. People seem to like Gallio.
  • 2. An Apple recruiter sent me a nice and friendly email and voicemail regarding a potential position on the iPhone team.

That's right.  Download the iPhone SDK, get a recruiter call!  I have to give credit to Apple for this great idea.  (And here I thought product registration information was mostly used for sales and demographics.)

Hey, I wonder if they'd let me work on porting .Net to the iPhone?  Hmmm...  Maybe bridge with Objective-C or Java and have a go at leveraging Gallio in this space for testing.  Alright, that's perhaps a little far-fetched but I've seen stranger things.

This puts me in an interesting spot though.  I can keep my great job at Ingenio leading a team and working on all sorts of platform infrastructure and Open-Source derivatives thereof, I can keep exploring the iPhone SDK with possible start-up ventures in mind, or I can develop the iPhone SDK and hopefully rub shoulders with some of the great designers at Apple.

Or I can try to do it all at once... Muah hah hah hah!

Edit: It turns out these events may have been coincidental.  Still, this does give me some ideas for recruiting in the future...

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