Saturday, February 9, 2008

View the source right inside the test runner!

I've been super busy lately getting MbUnit v3 and Gallio ready for another release.  But I'm not the only one...

Icarus Affordances

Graham Hay has been working his magic on Icarus, the Gallio test runner GUI.  Recently he added the View source code feature.

Select a test in the test tree then right-click View source code:

And here is the Icarus code viewer tab with the cursor automatically placed on the first line of the test method:

Affordances Galore

Source information is also used in other places.

The command-line test runner, MSBuild, NAnt and PowerShell tasks also display source code location information as part of the test results.

The source code location is included in XML reports, of course.  However, I'm still not sure how to effectively present this information in an HTML report.  Any ideas?

The ReSharper test runner also supports jumping directly to the code from the Unit Test Explorer view.  (This feature uses a slightly different mechanism that does not require PDBs.)

Fun stuff!

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