Saturday, January 26, 2008

It just works.

I've been very busy working on Gallio for the past month.  Sorry for the lack of updates.

Today I had an "it just works" moment which gave me great joy and pride in my work.

I was developing a suite of tests for a bunch of components that all implement the same interface.  So naturally I used the Abstract Test Pattern.

When I was done, I right clicked inside the abstract test class and picked Run Tests using TestDriven.Net.  And lo, it ran all of the tests from all of the subclasses!

I wasn't actually expecting it to do this.  The MbUnit v2 addin for TestDriven.Net did not support this behavior and would throw an error because it did not know what to do with the abstract class.

The Gallio addin supports abstract classes just fine as a consequence of its test filtering strategy which supports matching test types with by inheritance.  Somehow despite knowing it was designed this way, I had reverted to my old inefficient MbUnit v2 habit of picking specified concrete test classes only.

Silly me.  I built this tool.  It's pretty smart...

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