Friday, October 12, 2007

Software Automation Wizard in San Francisco

Ingenio is hiring software automation wizards.

Self-Operating Napkin (Rube Goldberg) On a selfish note, I'm looking for someone to work with me to use and grow our test automation platform and solve challenging integration testing problems.  There is a lot of creative programming involved as we write and maintain these tests and the systems that run them.

Software Automation Wizard in San Francisco

Do you enjoy writing high-quality code using the latest tools?  Do you hate bugs?  Do you like solving challenging system integration problems?

Ingenio's automation team is looking for engineers to develop a comprehensive and maintainable test suite for Ingenio's many products and diverse features.  We'll bring you up to speed with the latest techniques writing automated tests in C# with MbUnit, WatiN, and other tools.

Our system consists of a mixture of web, telephony and data platforms.  It takes a lot of creativity to make sure all of the pieces work together to provide a compelling end-user experience.  There is no out-of-the-box solution.  In fact, we have contributed extensively to several open source projects to help solve this very problem.

What we will look for in you:

  • You love to program!  You have most likely written stuff in various languages.  You already know at least one object-oriented programming language and are interested in learning C# (if you don't already know it and a dozen others).  You have opinions on why one language can be better than another for some task.  You’re not afraid of reading the manual and experimenting to learn about more powerful language features.
  • You love to program so much that you have a 4 year degree in computer science or engineering.
  • You have a passion for software testing.  Breaking things to figure out how they work is something you have done for a long time – even before you thought you could get paid for it.  You have probably sent complaints to the various web sites you use when you do something odd on the site and it doesn’t work as expected.  Maybe you already have some experience writing tests using MbUnit, JUnit, WatiN, WatiR, Selenium or other tools.
  • You have great communication skills.  You will often work with other engineers, program managers, and business people.  Conversation comes easy to you no matter who you’re talking to.
  • You are highly motivated.  In fact, perhaps you haven’t even heard of WaitN but by the time you have contacted us you have already written some cool stuff with it.


Anonymous said...

What about people who love to program so much they actually started doing it instead of wasting 4 years in college?

Jeff Brown said...

"What about people who love to program so much they actually started doing it instead of wasting 4 years in college?"

Obviously this requirement is negotiable as long as you have appropriate work authorization that is not contingent upon post-secondary education.

Moreover, those 4 years in college are only wasted if one is not sufficiently creative to put them to good use...