Monday, August 27, 2007

GUI Bloopers.

Today a tester asked me for some help testing a new feature in one of our web applications. I expected him to ask me for help conjuring up some WatiN magic. Nope.

The UI in question used to look like this:

It was recently changed to:

Okay, let's ignore the fact that "Delete Ad" is hidden under a label that says "Update Ad". This is broken in all kinds of ways but I want to focus on just one: this UI is using a combo box to perform irreversible actions. The potential for user confusion and error is staggering. Combo boxes should never perform high-latency side-effects on selection, irreversible ones much less so!

I've opened a spec defect to address this issue. The new code is still on the testing environment. So hopefully it'll get fixed before any of our users actually see it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

I just saw your comment on Ayende's blog about evaluating JavaScript code. I like it and would love to include it in WatiN. Is that OK with you? Are you willing to share more code you wrote for WebTestFramework?

Thanks in advance,
lead developer of WatiN
jvmenen at users dot sourceforge dot net