Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Down the Rabbit Hole

My name is Jeff Brown and I'm a programmer. I'm originally from Ottawa, Ontario but somehow found my way to San Francisco, California where the weather is much finer.

I'm fond of programming languages, software architecture, system verification, distributed systems, generative code, tooling, automation, twisted metaphors, friends, good times, spicy food, raw fish, and beer, eh? Lately I've been working primarily with the .Net platform using Adobe Flex, ASP.Net, MbUnit, Rhino.Mocks, Castle, IronPython and other goodies. I confess to have had a secret love affair with Ruby on Rails. I turned my nose up at Java then learned to love it for a few years and then just felt indifferent about it. Not so long ago I found C++ template meta-programming quite useful in everyday work. I used to think in Motorola 68k assembler and in TMS9900 before that. I grew up with TI BASIC. I'd love to eat Monads for breakfast but Haskell O's and .Net Flakes go together like milk and orange juice (at least when consumed at the office) so alas that project has been put on hold. I'll skip over the rest, perhaps leave that to a retrospective post... Or maybe not.

Here there shall be much ado about programming, philosophy, abstraction, patterns, separation of concerns, composability, testability, static verification, robustness, maintenance, tooling and whatever else happens to catch my fancy.

So now that the introductions are over, let's dig into the code...


Anonymous said...

Assert.AreEqual("Welcome!", myMessage);

Welcome Jeff!

1 Test Passed!

Unknown said...

If I ever remember how to put code line together into something valuable I might join you in your blog from time to time but I think that might very well never happend. :P So I'll just post little jumbled words like this from time to time :) Just to make other people wonder who the hell I am. heh heh heh

cheers my friend